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Pensacola Beach, Florida

Clear waters and inviting sugar-white sand beckon thousands of visitors a year to Pensacola Beach whose atmosphere ranges from lively crowds with lifeguards to desolate beaches bordered by wispy sea grass. No matter what the season, beachgoers can relax on the sunny, peaceful shores of Pensacola’s award-winning, emerald-green coastline.

In the old days, ferries shuttled eager tourists across the bay to the bustling beach. Today, long scenic bridges carry beachgoers to their destination. Pensacola Beach occupies nearly eight miles of the 40-mile-long Santa Rosa barrier island. It is surrounded by the Santa Rosa Sound and Gulf of Mexico to the north and south and on either side by the federally protected Gulf Islands National Seashore. Much of the barrier island is protected from development, preserved by a determination to maintain the natural environment for generations to come.

Yet Pensacola Beach offers an array of shopping, lodging, restaurants, beach bars and entertainment – all with minimum travel, traffic and cost. The Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier and Observation Post streches 1,471 feet into the Gulf of Mexico providing breathtaking views.

Beaches include Casino Beach, the geographic core of Pensacola Beach, where many gather for swimming and fun; Quietwater Beach near the commercial core of the beach, and many uncrowded areas where only a few congregate to unwind.